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“The excitement at Randy Wise Homes has been building for over 40 years. It is in the quality of our work, it is found in the relationships we have with our clients, and you can see it in our team’s enthusiasm. We understand and know that no matter how time and styles change, honesty, integrity and striving each day to be the best that we can be will never go out of style.”

– Luke Philpott, Remodeling Manager

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Kitchens are the heart and soul of the home. Create a beautiful, functional place to enjoy food, family and friends.

“Rick and I want to thank you for the best remodel ever. We had no idea everything would turn out this beautiful. I also want you to know when we began this project we had no idea how much work was involved. The cost of this project was more than fair. We both thank you and Randy Wise for the help and consideration you gave us. I can’t believe how fast you were able to complete this work. Our neighbors are all amazed. Luke, your remodeling crew and subs are great. They are all hardworking, kind and considerate people. Jake and Lucy are dear to us. Honestly, I don’t know think I could have made any decisions without Lucy’s support. She is an amazing woman. We will miss you and the constant stream of workers. However, we still have the beautiful house you helped create.”

~ Rick and Kathy Dolby


A place to start your day and a calming retreat to unwind.


Are you ready to expand? Additions are opportunities to create something truly special.
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