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Our Story

Randy and Debbie Wise standing in kitchen

Randy Wise, President

Our Mission

Our mission is excellence in the construction industry with a strong ethical code that honors Godly principles in all aspects of life. We strive to meet the ever changing demands of the housing industry in Northwest Florida with responsible and effective design solutions and believe that quality in workmanship, integrity in relationships and the professionalism of our staff translates to customer satisfaction and ultimately, a reputation of distinction among home builders. We value the trust of our clients and vendors and consider our relationships to be of paramount importance. Excellence, honesty, dependability and value continue to be the building blocks to our success

Our History

When Randy Wise began to make his way in this world, it took a few false starts before he found the path that would lead to his success. As a young man, he left junior college to work in the masonry trade. Eventually, he returned to school, where he tapped into his love of sports and studied Exercise Physiology. Because he couldn’t practice clinically without a Master’s Degree, Randy utilized his extensive science training, and worked as a middle school teacher for four years. All the while, he dabbled in construction and devoted his spare time to building or remodeling, and then selling a few houses each year with his wife, Debbie.

Eventually, Randy and Debbie decided to fully dedicate their efforts into the building process. They left their jobs and created Wise Construction, where the couple began the intricate and often challenging process of learning how to run and build their own company. “Neither of us came from a business background,” Randy recalls. “But we loved what we were doing, so we plugged ahead and learned from the school of hard knocks.”

He sites his experience in working at a hardware store while in high school and junior college, as well as his background in masonry, as providing him with a basic foundation of knowledge upon which to build his career as a builder. “I was familiar with construction materials and had an insight on the processes and principles of building structures,” says Randy. “More than anything, Debbie and I saw the opportunity to fill a market need, and to provide a better life for our family.”

Now known as Randy Wise Homes, the company boasts a remodeling division in addition to their classic and custom homes. The business offers comprehensive quality services to homeowners, buyers and companies throughout the Emerald Coast.

“Our remodeling division has been in practice for twenty years,” says Randy. “We’ve found that many people love their homes and don’t necessarily want to sell them when they’re ready to expand or upgrade. Our services include room and mother-in-law suite additions and kitchen and bathroom upgrades, and they allow individuals to remain in the homes they love, while making cosmetic or structural improvements.”

Creating custom and classic homes has been an exciting opportunity for Randy and his team, who enjoy tailoring their designs to the Emerald Coast lifestyle. “One of the major fallacies in the construction industry is that there is ‘a right way’ to build a home,” explains Randy. “We know that many factors, including climate and lifestyle, have a huge impact on construction methods and materials, as well as the design. We have learned what works from our own years of experience, as well as researching studies that are being conducted across the country.” The result is beautiful and functional homes that are built to last, with designs and floorplans created to meet the needs of discerning consumers.

Randy defers to his team of 70 professionals, which includes project managers and superintendents for each division, remodeling design specialists and other key personnel. His son, Caleb, manages the company’s Classic Homes division, and his son, Landon, owns a landscape horticulture business that works with Randy Wise Homes to beautify their properties.

In addition to running a successful business and volunteering within his community, Randy teaches continuing education to fellow contractors through Northwest Florida State College and the Building Industry Association of Okaloosa-Walton Counties. “I enjoy the one-on-one interaction with students who are truly interested in what they are learning,” he says. “And there’s a real reward in seeing my students working within the community, and knowing that I’ve contributed in some way to their careers.”

Randy and Debbie, married for 45 years, look forward to the opportunity to grow their business. After working together for over 43 years, Randy says that he and Debbie still enjoy what they do. “We have fun with our work,” he says, “and we appreciate the opportunity to serve our market with quality products.”

~ By Lalaena Gonzalez-Figueroa, Broker Agent Magazine

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